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Welcome. What's it all about.

Hi All, it's Paul here.

You have been invited to this blog as part of your 1:1 provision. As Fencers looking to further develop and contend as competitive athletes in Fencing we will be using the blog to share with you more support and guidance to provide the best platform in which to to support you to progress.



Our Sabre Style.

We have a clear vision for our athletes based on a tried a tested style of Sabre Fencing. What they are all training towards can be explained by our Perofrmance Coach Alex Bela:

"My style is based mainly on distance [the typical Romanian way of Fencing], having the ability to control the fight by moving up and down on the piste. From my point of view this is the safest way of fencing, it doesn’t make you confused and definitely can make you keep calm and focused on the right tactics. I would say the main key action would be to try and make your opponent fall short, specially after the preparation. This should also be mixed with a good and solid tactics. Key point of a good distance is given by footwork (as mentioned the previous day – you can have the best technique in the world, if footwork does not help you, it will be for nothing)."

Examples of this style can be seen in these videos a number of which are of one of Alex's pupils who was the most recent Cadet (U17) GBR Fencer to reach the European Championships FINAL.


Our Foil Style

We have an established style to our Foil Fencing that focuses on distance and timing with a free and creative thinking to our tactical application, allowing the Fencer to express themselves through their decision making. As our Academy Ambassador, we are influenced by Marcus Mepstead in his style of Fencing. A number of his Videos can be seen here:

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